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About us

We are the corporate with dedicated team of people who collect, interpret and maintain financial information while we offer greater customer service through wealth management, portfolio management and asset services. We attempt to guard the financial integrity of our customers and investors with changing regulatory and technological environment. As a corporation recognized for providing excellent customer service, including training, and reliable, accurate financial information, we specialize in our mission and living our values every day. We value teamwork, fairness, communication, competence, integrity, adaptability, and humor.

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Short-term goals

Our goal is to supply a full range of monetary information: from detailed information, like the way to process a transaction, to overview information, like the way to interpret the financial reports to manage and grow customer finances and to assist people feels confident about their financial future.

Long-term goals

We as a corporation have already invested to grow our finances and profits through investments in Forex and stock exchange trading, and that we are within the process of building a plant for E-waste management. Our company is and our employees work towards one goal with single-minded determination to realize excellence in what we do. We are dedicated to achieving the very best standard within the area of Forex and stock exchange trading and E-waste management.

We believe we will play a neighborhood in fueling India’s growth, by investing within the dreams of its people. Through our fair practices and processes, we aim to succeed in bent all sections of society and lend a hand in their progress. Our aim is to become the most important asset company focusing in our simple way possible within the country tomorrow, so we start with the littlest dream today.

Monthly Constant Profit

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Our values

 We at Financizen wealth management LLP, the foremost we value we adhere strongly, which allows us to serve our clients to the simplest of our abilities.

Client focused

Our Company was built on serving and satisfying clients, and meeting our clients’ needs is usually our No. 1 priority. We make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.

Integrity always

We uphold the very best standards of integrity and stand behind what we are saying and do. We all know that trust must be earned continually, and are committed to transparency in our financial disclosures.

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Excellence in all we do

When we execute with excellence, success naturally follows. We provide world-class service and innovative product solutions and are personally accountable for delivering results and maintaining the highest quality.

Respect for individuals and for the communities in which we live and work
We respect each other, value diversity and work as a team to meet our goals. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. We are good citizens in our communities.

Financizen Portfolio Management services


At Financizen wealth management LLP, we firmly believe that it all starts with having a clear vision of your unique goals. With this clarity, we combine objective advice and experience-led execution to bring the collective vision to life. We offer every client true peace of mind. We define peace of mind as a deeply rooted confidence that comes from feeling in control and knowing your financial plan is built on a foundation of increasing self-knowledge and awareness. It is at this critical juncture – the intersection of proactive planning and peace of mind – that we believe our clients have the highest potential to realize their goals.


What Is a Portfolio Investment?

portfolio investment is ownership of a stock, bond, or other financial asset with the expectation that it will earn a return or grow in value over time, or both. It entails passive or hands-off ownership of assets as opposed to direct investment, which would involve an active management role.


Our vision as a firm focuses on helping others achieve financial goals, as well as understanding of each client’s unique purpose, mission and values. We strive to empower clients by offering education, tools and resources aimed at facilitating clear communication and bringing definition to their ambitions and objectives. Each client has different ideas about what makes life great. We take the burden out of managing the financial details so clients can enjoy life’s journey and live out their unique purpose. We strive to be a force of calm, a navigator in the face of anxiety and uncertainty that all too often accompany financial success.


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